Developed in 2015 to meet the demands of law enforcement professionals worldwide.

When applied correctly, the HANDCOP is the most secure non-metallic restraint available.

The HANDCOP is designed to be worn covertly on your wrist. Simply place one hand inside both loops, cinch to your wrist size (not too tight, not too loose), wrap the excess cord around your wrist, and then tuck in the stopper knot to secure.

To deploy – first remove from your wrist, fully extend the loops and apply to detained persons (stacked) wrists, cinch both loops closed, check for tightness and then fasten with the friction-lock bead (NMX only). Add an overhand knot to double-lock. Observe the detained person at all times.

New for 2024 the HANDCOP® NMX by STLTH BLACK® is the most advanced HANDCOP® to date.

The 8 plait braided cord is soft but inherently flame retardant, enabling it to withstand higher temperatures before degrading. Due to its softness it will hold a secure knot and can be worn comfortably 24/7 in all environments. It also has excellent resistance to acids and a good resistance to alkali and abrasion.

Charring of NMX starts at 370°C/698°F, there will be little to no melting and no flaming up to 500°C/932°F in the absence of a flame source.

Break Load = 160 kg/352 lbs

The Friction-Lock Bead is made from an engineering thermoplastic, typically used for components such as small gear wheels and bearings. This heavy-duty, hardened plastic makes for a strong and durable Friction-Lock Bead.

When stealth is required the HANDCOP® NMX is the tool for the job: 100% non-metallic, sterile (no manufacturing stamps or marks), and silent operation.

Another product by STLTH BLACK® coming soon.

Work in progress.

Another product by STLTH BLACK® coming soon.

Work in progress.